Granite painting

We do our granite paintings with the appropriate stepladders that keep our work high-standard.Make sure that the wall is well plastered and thereby report it to the concerned body. All the necessary inputs and materials shall be mobilized to the building site within a period of one week after upon the reception of advance payment.Once the necessary inputs and materials are mobilized to the construction site, the actual work of the project shall be commenced within 2-3 days.In the beginning, to undertake filling activities with a gray color waterproof material, to mend the crack on the wall with fiber mesh by informing the fact that the wall would be deformed or wave if other spots other than the crack is going to be mended.
As soon as the work of gray putty is completed, the work of white putty shall be continued.After the completion of the work describe herein above the wave or the deformed part will be polished with scratched paper 120 or 0 with the labor of casual workers. Moreover, polishing and cleaning other defects on the wall so as to make it ready for the next procedure/job. Using water we need to and then making sure that the wall is well cleaned, we start painting the wall with glue paint known as “F”.In consultation with is the client, the preferred color of granite paint of domestic product named “D” shall be painted. This will help as a background of the wall paint. “Z” or the main granite paint shall be sprayed with the help of compressor. Just upon the completion of spraying granite, the sticker on the strip shall be stripped off.Black strip shall be made on the wall in conformity with the interior and exterior design of the house. Varnish oil shall be painted on the wall so that it can shine and perhaps rainwater can easily flow down on the wall. Finally, upon the successful completion of the work, we deliver the work of the project to the client along with gratitude and compliment.

Dubai quartz paint works

Whereas the work of Dubai quartz paint is quite different from that of domestic paints, the different is explicitly stated below.

► Dubai quartz paint never fades due to sunlight and rainwater.
► Dubai quartz paint never creates algae during the rainy or called season since the paint has anti-bacteria chemicals with a polymer.
► Although the material of the paint is powder by its very nature, it has great aesthetic value. Dubai quartz paint is fine texture (powder) type to be mixed with liquid on the drill which works with the wind.

► The price quotation of Dubai quartz exceeds the price of domestic paints with some amount. Moreover, the quality of Dubai quartz is by far greater than domestic paints.

Faux painting works

Faux painting work is mostly used for houses, hotels, and cafes it can also be washed at any time. Faux painting can be designed as the customer wants, it can be bright or narrow and it can be a wall art (decor) also.First, to paint the faux painting the wall need to be painted with gypsum chak, this means faux decor can’t be done on cracked walls.

On the ready gypsum wall or slab by using 0 /zero/ scratched paper we polished and two steps of super paint.

When the super paint finished or dried, we paint white oil paint without any tears.

Finally, when the white oil paint dried, on the next day the painter works on the design as the customer wishes.

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Plain painting

Plain paint work is usually done by mixing various colors so as to create a unique and attractive appearance of domestic paints.

Safari painting

Safari paintwork is completely different other types of paint in that the decor or design is done on the wall with a rough course. It can be done for residential house and business enterprise. It is also usually done with golden, silver and gray colors. We have perfect and eye-catching paintings for your aesthetical wall decoration with new creativities.


Beautiful wallpapers for your home, hotel, and any other buildings based on your style. With professional recommendation, we work different painting such as forests, beaches, and other attractive canvases. You can have flora or geometric designs based on your interest including custom decor.