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Dani Granite and General Painting work

Who we are

Dani Granite and General Painting work is a single owned company that runs by the name of Daniel Eshetu as a general manager, which issued under commercial registration and business license on September 2002, by the Addis Ababa city administration trade bureau.
General manager Daniel Eshetu
Dani granite paint
Dani granite paint
Dani granite paint

Dani Granite and General Painting work

The company has professional employees in the office and also much-skilled labor on the site. With a strict supervision system, the company ensures the workers’ professional improvement.
superior work experience in painting area
New Designs
Low Prices

what we offer

1. Granite painting work (የግራናይት ቀለም ስራ)
2. Contacextra painting work (ኮንቴክስትራ የተሰኝ የቀለም ስራ)
3. Stone painting work (እስቶን(የድንጋይ) ቀለም ስራ)
4. Stone granite painting work (እስቶን ግራናይት ቀለም ስራ)
5. Dubai quartz work (የዱባይ ኳርትዝ ስራ)
6. Faux Decor painting work (የፋዎክስ ዲኮር ቀለም ቅብ ስራ )
7. Safari painting work (የሳፋር ቀለም ቅብ ስራ)
8. Plain panting work (የፕሌን ቀለም ቅብ ስራ)
9. Damos and Perlato panting work (.ዳሞስ እና የፐርላቶ ቀለም ቅብ ስራ)
10. Epoxy panting work (ኢፖክሲ ቀለም ቅብ ስራ)
Dubai quartz
paint works
painting works

We have also sufficient experience in Granite painting


Safari painting

Safari paintwork is completely different other types of paint in that the decor or design is done on the wall with a rough course. It can be done for residential house and business enterprise.

Plain painting

Plain paint work is usually done by mixing various colors so as to create a unique and attractive appearance of domestic paints.


Beautiful wallpapers for your home, hotel, and any other buildings based on your style. With professional recommendation, we work different painting such as forests, beaches, and other attractive canvases. You can have flora or geometric designs based on your interest including custom decor.

Quality is our priority

While working with us, customers pay the advance payment which ranges from 50 to 60 % based on the existing capacity of the client.
happy memories
our Customer testimonials

Our Customer
I have worked with Dani Granite Paint and general work for over a years, and they continue to be my first choice in interior and exterior painting.
Our Customer
The actual painting was done in a timely and efficient manner and they clearly had a schedule and plan to get the job completed
Our Customer
The quality of the work & the painter’s professionalism really made me glad I continued my relationship with Dani Granite pain and general finishing .

Our certification awards & review


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