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Axum is the symbol of Ethiopia's three thousand years history. It is the city where the Axum Civilization took place. The still standing millennium old obelisks tell a story of the onetime civilization of Ethiopia. Travel to Axum, you will delve yourself into an ocean of Ethiopian history and be mesmerized by the obelisks made out of single stone.
The original capital of the Kingdom of Aksum, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Africa. Axum was a naval and trading power that ruled the region from about 400 BCE into the 10th century. In 1980 UNESCO added Aksum's archaeological sites to its list of World Heritage Sites due to their historic value.
Axum is the current resting place of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant. Significant religious festivals are the T'imk'et Festival known as the Epiphany in western Christianity on January 7 and the Festival of Maryam Zion in late November.
The connection of Axum with Islam is very old. When Prophet Muhammad faced oppression from the Quraish clan, he sent a small group whom, the king of Axum, gave refuge to, and protection to, and refused the requests of the Quraish clan to send these refugees back to Arabia.